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Nomination Guidelines

The following are guidelines on how every award category will be nominated and which groups are eligible to participate in a specific award. See the methodology

Nomination Methodology

All nominations will close on a particular date and hour. A six stage process detailed below shall then commence to identify the final winners.

STAGE ONE: Nominations
STAGE TWO: Research and confirmation of nominees. Once nominations have closed, Glow Consulting Services and (IIT) Audit and Steering Commitee shall receive the nominations and pass them on to the judges.
STAGE THREE: All nominees will be notified and invited to make presentations.
STAGE FOUR: Judging. The panel of esteemed judges chosen from the Insurance fraternity, Academia and other professionals will review the finalists’ submission forms and submit their decisions to the audit firm. The judges’ decisions are independent and impartial and there are no deliberations on decisions made on each category. Each judge will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Only nominees who will have made presentations before the deadline shall be considered finalists. Forms submitted to support the nominations will provide guidance to the judges for their final decision.
STAGE FIVE: Announcement of Finalists.
STAGE SIX: Award Ceremony. We will organise the Awards ceremony dinner program to be held on 27th September 2019 in Mwanza. Besides the insurance fraternity, the gala shall be attended by representatives critical to the sector: donor organisations, national leadership, business associations and the sector CEOs.
The mass media are partners in the growth of the industry and will provide necessary support in publicising the awards and general industry performance.
NB. The success of the awards will largely depend on how the process is publicised through the alternative media channels.